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Lorry Nets - Closed Mesh (LNCM)
Lorry Nets - Closed Mesh (LNCM)
Lorry Nets - Closed Mesh (LNCM)
Lorry Nets - Closed Mesh (LNCM)

Lorry Nets - Closed Mesh (LNCM)

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Product Information

Manufactured by Huck Nets, one of Europes Leading Netting Manufacturers.

Heavy Duty Green Closed Mesh Construction.

Fitted with Reinforced Edge Banding and Eyelets at 500mm centres to all four edges.

Supplied complete with 8mm Bungee chord for securing the Load in place.

Available in various sizes. Please refer to Size chart.

These plastic covers are particularly suitable for preventing sand, gravel and similar small particles from being blown away.

The covers are made from UV-resistant, air-permeable fabric with reinforced edging and lashing eyes every 0.50 m.

The air-permeable material prevents the covers from bellying out in a strong wind, or when containers are being moved.

Using nets to secure loads:

Unsecured or inadequately secured loads are an ongoing cause of serious road accidents.

One of the greatest risks, for example, comes from a high load which obstructs the traffic behind and can lead to accidents.

As a result, the primary purpose of the requirement to have road vehicle loads secured appropriately for transportation is to ensure the safety of all road users.

In addition to the protection of road users, the load itself of course needs to be protected against loss, damage and destruction.

While general regulations such as the Highway Code and accident prevention regulations refer to the obligation to secure loads, they do not give details.

That means that it is not easy for the responsible vehicle driver to choose the most suitable load-securing methods.

In this instance precise instructions can primarily be found in the technical regulations VDI 2700 ff. and VDI 3968.